How to Get Traffic to My Website Business


Getting traffic to your website is vital to increasing the results of your business, or whatever else you are promoting. Equally vital, without a website you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get new customers and boost your credibility.

Directing traffic to your website needs a step-by-step system that is easy to apply. Even if you are new to Internet Marketing you can get this working for you right away!

Key Points:

1. Traffic is vital to online business growth

2. You need a step by step system to get traffic

What is website traffic?

Website traffic is a lot like traffic on the roads, getting from point A to point B. Without a steady flow of people visiting your website or offer, your website is just a pretty page seen by few. By taking certain action, you can channel a flow of traffic (people or visits) to your website. Just like with a shop front, the idea is to put your business in front of as many individuals as possible. Getting them to buy is the next step in the puzzle of marketing your business but the two are closely linked.

Key Points:

1. Traffic is a steady flow of unique visitors to your website

2. Good marketing will send traffic to your website

Why do I need Traffic?

If you are not getting traffic to your website from the search engines, you’re not making sales, and if you’re not making sales you are not making money. So it is great idea to ask yourself: how do I get more of it?

Traffic to your website is unique visitors but importantly you must remember a traffic unit is really a human visitor. Traffic is the only way you will ever make money with whatever it is that you’re trying to sell.

If you are a new business owner, you’re probably excited about the whole process of getting people to come to your site and buy your product. But hang on a moment – it does require some marketing in order to get the sale from that traffic. Most traffic generating ideas are pretty simple once you think about them. The trick is to learn to direct targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic is more likely to result in action takers or buyers.

Key Points:

1. No traffic means no sales

2. Remember that traffic is people

The Golden Rule is…

Great content brings traffic. Whether your content is social media, web articles, blog posts or comments, if it is unique and adds value, people will find you!

If you are new to selling online, an Internet marketing strategy can seem overwhelming and people can waste a lot of time making mistakes. The key is to keep your strategy really simple.

In a nutshell, quality content, correct keyword placement, social and interactive comments and shares, plus starting with good old-fashioned keyword research are the keys to expanding your market reach and getting good quality traffic to your website or offer.

There is a saying you may have heard: “Content is king,” and it is true, so you should concentrate on giving your readers/visitors useful and original content they want and need.

Key Points:

1. Content brings traffic

2. Great content brings lots of traffic

3. Great content with good keywords brings floods of traffic

Article Marketing

A simple strategy is to post an article for your blog or newsletter that solves a common problem of your target audience or customer. A good idea is to post these articles also to directories or blogs.

Just write good content without thinking too much about profits because that comes later. The concept is a little like paying it forward.

If you are stuck for ideas, a good strategy is to share your website content on your Facebook page. This content will encourage fans to visit your website. Comments left are great feedback and can tell you what your target audience wants.

Key Points:

1. Articles are content

2. Post articles to directories, blogs, social media and websites

3. Write and post UNIQUE content for best results

The Importance of Keywords

Once you have the hang of writing quality content, you need to ramp up your efforts. You need to understand the value and importance of keywords and learn to use them in your articles and blog posts.

Keywords are search terms that people are looking for on the internet. If you write content around those search terms, it means people (traffic) will find your website. I cannot understate how important it is to know what phrases are searched for the most.

But using keywords doesn’t mean you can write nonsense with keyword stuffing. That will simply discredit you as an expert, author and business person. After you’ve found your best keyword and put it in your heading and introduction, then just write quality content that will help your readers solve a common problem.

Key Points:

1. Keywords are terms people search for

2. Boost article effectiveness with keywords

3. Keyword stuffing will harm your credibility

Traffic from Video

Part of the fun is watching your website or blog move up through the Google ranks, which means it will be more easily found in time.

Just like article marketing, Google, and regular people, love video. So good video can also bring more traffic to your website. A good idea is to make a short video about a topic relevant to your business, and using some keywords or phrases.

Again, if you are stuck for ideas, use your articles as a basis for your videos. Include your keyword in the title of your video, introduction and tags. It is also a good idea to include a link back to your website.

Key Points:

1. Good content helps boost your Google page rank

2. Videos are a popular form of content

3. Turn good articles into videos for extra boost

Just remember, if you want to start making more sales then you need a simple system and great content to drive traffic to your website.


Source by Francine Pullman