How to Increase User Traffic on Your Website


Always, keep in mind, regardless of the subject, targeted audience, level of discussion or even look and feel of your site, originality has no contest. The single most efficient method to increase your user traffic is nothing else but originality of the content. Exclusivity sells like nothing else does. If you have something to offer to your users that you know they can’t get from anywhere else, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve!

Maintain connectivity with your regular users and keep sending them newsletters frequently. It makes them feel important and makes them subconsciously promote your website as it’s their favorite. Remember, it’s very easy for anybody who likes your website to be able to simply forward your email as a reference to a friend.

Think why a user would want to come to your site. It’s only if they feel connected to it. So the key is to make them participate and nothing’s better than a forum to enhance users’ participation. Not only is it easy and fast, but users tend to enjoy it also. Get your senior users to work as amateur moderators on your forums. Make them feel that they’re being empowered as a token of appreciation for their loyalty to the website.

Show them the money! The key is to increase participation. Run contests and quizzes and keep them simple and engaging. The idea is to make people come to your site with some sense of belief that they stand to win something. If it’s not easy enough to entice an average user, it’s not worth it. Never make it that difficult that nobody gets to win because eventually the word would spread and it’d shoo away the users.

Talking about some of the technical stuff, you want to keep your keyword as simple as it gets. Bear in mind that everybody surfing the net is not a pundit. So the simple the keywords, the more your website’s chances of showing as results.

Don’t put anything on your website, directly or indirectly, that a general user might consider, hateful, distasteful or over-the-top. Don’t forget that you might get users to your website in a short burst through improper ways but it sure won’t last. So always play by the rules.

And lastly, patience is the key. Do not be impatient. Search engines do not know how desperately you want your website’s user traffic to increase. They work at their own pace and with their own procedure and it takes time. Just keep doing what you can do to make your website unique, fresh and original and success will come with time.


Source by Ravi Kuwadia