I Just Saw The Horror Movie “Malignant” And Here Are 13 Things I Found Genuinely Hilarious About It

I seriously haven’t laughed so hard in a movie theater in a loooong time.

The movie Malignant came out in theaters and streaming and it is genuinely one of the funniest movies of the year.

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That said, major spoilers ahead. Here are the things that I found hilarious, confusing, and just outright wild.


The way the sister parked on the edge of the cliff.

The craziest part of #Malignant wasn’t the bonkers twist but the fact that someone parked their car like this.

04:28 PM – 13 Sep 2021

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Honestly, this was the moment I was like: “This movie is fucking wild.” Also, the fact that she was able to just pull up to this huge abandoned building and the way she just walked down to the basement and found the exact file she needed in minutes. Amazing.


The entire jail cell scene.

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OK, hear me out, this jail scene was more camp than Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video. The lady with the mullet and the woman peeing in the corner *chef’s kiss* iconic.


Also, how there was randomly a woman from the ’70s in the cell, too.

So do we know why that lady was dressed in 70s fashion in the jail cell??

It threw me off.
What’s her story?
Was she at a costume party? #Malignant

06:13 PM – 13 Sep 2021

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The fact that Madison never showed any injuries when Gabriel was getting knocked around constantly, especially when he fell from the building.

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One random part that made me laugh was when Madison went downstairs and saw a figure running past, but she just went right on her merry way and continued to casually do laundry.


The sister’s reaction to finding out Madison was adopted.

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She was genuinely terrified, like girl it’s not a big deal.


I genuinely don’t understand how Gabriel could control the electricity and they left that entire plot line open.

#Malignant spoiler and question for those who have seen it
The central premise was great and weird, but can anyone explain the electricity? If what they revealed was the reality, how did that entity affect electricity and broadcast through radios and phones?

08:17 PM – 12 Sep 2021

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The big Gabriel reveal.

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When his little arms were flailing I was dying.

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED Malignant. I need a sequel immediately. Now excuse me while I figure out WHY THIS WOMAN FROM THE ’70S WAS IN THE JAIL CELL?!

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