If Youre In Your 40s (or Thereabouts) Youll Love These Jokes, If Youre Not, Then You Wont Get Em

Lots of sleeping, lots of body pain. SO FUN.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a lot to laugh about when you hit that magical age range of your late 30s to early 40s. In fact, I’d argue there’s even more to laugh about as you get older because you begin to realize everything is stupid and laughable. So here’s a look at some perfectly funny tweets that sum up what it’s like being an old millennial…or older. Enjoy:

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This constant worry:

Eating in my 40s is confusing: I’m young enough that I still need to take care of my body, but old enough that I don’t want to risk having a salad as my last meal.

12:12 PM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @MamaNeedsACoke


This WAY too real struggle:

Me waking up in my 20s after a bottle of wine, 3 gin and tonics, 4 shots and 2 hours sleep.
Me waking up in my 40s after 2 glasses of wine and 7 hours sleep.

08:59 AM – 10 Nov 2021

Twitter: @Pandamoanimum


This appreciation for a good night’s sleep:

My 20s: *drinks all the drinks, does all the drugs, has all the sex.

My 30s: *sits on the couch until it’s no longer too early to go to bed

11:38 PM – 14 Nov 2015


This no-lies-detected reflection:

I think a thing that young people could not possibly understand about Gen X and older Millennials is that our entire personalities were shaped by watching shows that weren’t at all for us or even interesting to us just because they were on

04:58 PM – 12 May 2021

Twitter: @ambernoelle


This realization you probably came to:

At some point in my thirties I started having an opinion about how my groceries are bagged and I don’t like it.

09:13 PM – 27 Jan 2020

Twitter: @UrsulaV


This checklist of daily questions:

As you get older, you begin to suffer the occasional series of increasingly humiliating micro-injuries.
“How did you hurt yourself?”
I slept wrong.
While I was driving, I happened to yawn while checking my blind spot.
I drank water too hard.

10:42 PM – 09 Oct 2020

Twitter: @jaredcwilson


This confusing realization:

Being in your 30s means technically you’re a millennial but you also remember when paying with a credit card meant the cashier sighing heavily and pulling out the SHUNCK SHUNCK machine

12:59 AM – 29 Jan 2020

Twitter: @Rica_Bee


This appreciation for GOOD music:

Me, in my teens: This radio station is playing my jams.

Me, in my 20s: This bar is playing my jams.

Me, in my 30s: This grocery store is playing my jams.

06:48 PM – 17 Jan 2020

Twitter: @mommajessiec


This good advice for dating:

Dating in your thirties is like, “so, what do you do for work and fun!! also what traumas have you accumulated by this point that I should be mindful of?”

03:14 PM – 02 Feb 2020

Twitter: @ChrisDStedman


This breakdown of headache types:

Being in your 30s is just spending all your time working out what kind of headache you’ve got. Not enough caffeine? Too much caffeine? Dehydrated? Overhydrated? Tired? Too much screen time? Stress? Something incurable? Who knows.

09:05 AM – 08 Feb 2020

Twitter: @ldlapinski