In 2009, Jacob Uttered “Bella, Where The Hell Have You Been, Loca?” And Were Still Obsessed In 2021

“It’s always ‘WHERE the hell have you been, loca?’ and never ‘HOW the hell have you been, loca?'”

In the year 2009, Melissa Rosenberg’s grand opus, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, blessed our screens with 130 minutes of perfection, but it’s these mere seconds that we fans are still obsessed with over a decade later:

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As a Twihard, there’s nothing I love more than the resurgence of this niche moment. So please enjoy these jokes about the best eight-word question in cinema:


It’s hard being a writer because you have to live with the crushing fear that you may never write something as timeless as “Bella, where the hell have you been, Loca?”

02:00 AM – 24 Aug 2021

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