Just 15 Rahul Kohli Moments That Need To Be Appreciated Because Its His Birthday

Happy Birthday to one of the most handsome of Scorpio men!

If you’re not already in love with Rahul Kohli then I cannot stress enough how you need to begin binging iZombie, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and this year’s Netflix hit, Midnight Mass — or just follow Rahul on Twitter and Instagram where the hilarity and thirst never sleep.

Could have just eaten clean after Midnight Mass but noooo, you wanted large Big Mac meals at 3am and have your tiddies played with you messy bitch and now we gotta work for work 😭

10:56 PM – 11 Nov 2021

Twitter: @RahulKohli13

And in honour of his birthday this year, let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty and comedy of Rahul Kohli.


When he was the hottest cast member of Midnight Mass.


When he looked great even without his full beard.

This is the face of a man who filmed something in total secrecy and it never leaked. You think I did this to my beard for fun?

08:16 PM – 10 Nov 2021

Twitter: @RahulKohli13


When he had maybe too much beard and still looked amazing.


But also when he made us swoon with just the right amount of beard and an eyebrow slit.


When he delivered this scene from Midnight Mass that was so incredible even he had to tweet it.

Twitter: @RahulKohli13


When he proved to the world that he is, in fact, really a Scorpio.

I am petty as fuck. Also when I was “younger” I used to write down who wronged me and then wait… sometimes years for revenge… and then strike 🦂

09:54 PM – 08 Nov 2021

Twitter: @RahulKohli13


The time when he was literally just smoking hot.


When he showed that he was a snack that also has good taste in snacks.


The time he proved he was the gamer boyfriend of our dreams.

Gears of War turned 15yrs old this month. Still can’t believe I was given the opportunity to play this absolute bastard and be a part of this historic franchise 💕⚙️

10:21 PM – 08 Nov 2021

Twitter: @RahulKohli13


The time he absolutely ended everyone’s rap careers.


When he was just being the superhero we all need and want.

Oh awesome. My Halloween costume arrived 5 days late. I was meant to be going as John Krasinski as Reed Richards…

12:29 AM – 05 Nov 2021

Twitter: @RahulKohli13


When he reminded everyone that he looks killer in a suit.


Also, the time when he made sure no one had forgotten his amazing past roles for Halloween.

Twitter: @RahulKohli13


That is as gorgeous as he is funny.

Once again, Happy Birthday Rahul Kohli!