Kanye West Followed Pete Davidson’s Brand New Instagram Account Days After Being Called Out For Harassing Him And Kim Kardashian By Leaking Their Private Messages

Pete’s return to Instagram has sparked concern among fans after he left the platform in 2018 to protect his mental health.

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After over three years away, Pete Davidson appears to be back on Instagram.

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The verified account — under the handle @pmd — emerged on Instagram on Wednesday evening, and it wasn’t long before it garnered some famous followers, namely Kanye West, who has been publicly feuding with the comedian for weeks now.

Pete’s timely return to Instagram marks a new development in their ongoing dispute, which stems from the fact that Pete is currently dating Kanye’s soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian — who filed for divorce from Ye over a year ago.

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As I’m sure you’ll be aware, conflict between the two parties reached new heights last weekend when Kanye, who legally changed his name to Ye last year, was called out for harassing Kim and Pete in a string of since-deleted Instagram posts, including several where he aired their private text messages.

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll know that a dispute between Ye and Pete has been bubbling under the surface for some time now — particularly in light of the fact that Ye has made it clear that he has hopes of rekindling things with Kim.

Around the same time that Kim and Pete’s relationship began to unfold in November, Ye started making a number of grand declarations in a bid to rekindle their marriage.

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On several occasions during this time, Ye stated his belief that God will bring them back together and even went as far as to completely disregard their split by claiming that he’d “never even seen” the divorce papers.

And over the weekend, things escalated even further when Ye shared a string of posts on Instagram leveling insults at Pete, who he refers to as “Skete.”

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In the since-deleted statements, Ye referred to the Saturday Night Live star as a “dickhead,” “garbage,” and “trash,” and even accused him of destroying his family. However, things took a worrying turn on Sunday when Ye exposed a private text message from the comic.

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The leaked text seems to show Pete attempting to reassure the rapper that he wouldn’t be getting involved with his and Kim’s four shared children, writing: “I’d never get [in the] way of your children. [That’s] a promise. How you guys [go about] raising your kids is [your business] and not mine. I do [hope one] day I can meet them and [we can] all be friends.”

Despite Pete’s efforts, Ye was seemingly hurt by the gesture and shared the text to his followers, with the caption: “NO YOU WILL NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN.”

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While leveling insults at Pete, Ye also reiterated his hopes of getting back together with Kim — and it wasn’t long before he shocked fans by sharing another batch of leaked messages, this time from her.

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On Monday — after encouraging fans to “scream” at Pete in public — Ye posted private text messages from “Kim Other Phone,” which expressed concern for her new partner’s safety and asked Ye to defuse the situation.

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“U are creating a dangerous and scary environment,” the first screenshotted text read. “Someone will hurt Pete and this will be all your fault.”

He shared the private message with fans, writing: “UPON MY WIFE’S REQUEST PLEASE NOBODY DO ANYTHING PHYSICAL TO SKETE.” He also said that he planned to “handle the situation” himself, which some interpreted as a threat of violence.

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Not long after this, Ye shared a longer text exchange between himself and Kim, where she appeared to warn him about the “dangerous people” that could cause harm to Pete if encouraged by him.

But despite Ye swiftly deleting the messages, fans were quick to express concern for both Kim and Pete, with many accusing the rapper of harassing and publicly ridiculing them with his posts — something which ultimately prompted a response from Ye the next day.

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In a statement shared to his Instagram account on Tuesday, Ye addressed his treatment of Kim and said that he takes “accountability” for his actions.

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“I know sharing screen shots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim,” he wrote. “I take accountability. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers. To be good leader is to be a good listener.”

Interestingly, the statement did not include any mention of Pete, which added to fans’ surprise the next day when Ye acknowledged the SNL star’s return to Instagram.

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Posting a screenshot of Pete’s page, Ye let his followers know that he was one of the first to get behind the new account, captioning the post: “FOLLOWED.” Ye quickly deleted the picture, but it looks like he still follows the account.

Unsurprisingly, Pete has not returned the gesture, and as it stands he is only following two accounts: Kim, and — much to fans’ amusement — the actor Sebastian Stan.

absolutely obsessed with pete davidson coming back to instagram for the first time since 2018 and only following kim kardashian and [checks notes] sebastian stan????

08:39 AM – 17 Feb 2022

Twitter: @LoonieLunas

Of course, the timing of Pete’s sudden return to Instagram has raised eyebrows among fans, with many anticipating that he might be set to issue some kind of response to Ye’s antics. However, his comeback has prompted a lot of concern too.

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If you weren’t aware, Pete first ditched social media in summer 2018, telling his followers that he was stepping back to protect his mental health.

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“No there’s nothing wrong. No nothing happened. No there’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore. Or on any social media platform,” he wrote at the time, later hinting that he could return.

“The internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good. Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is fucking lit,” he told fans. “The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point.”

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A year prior, in 2017, Pete had spoken out about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. At the time, he said medication and regular therapy sessions were helping him manage the diagnosis, but that he was still struggling with major depressive episodes.

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Several months after he made his exit from Instagram in mid-2018, Pete returned briefly to the app to share a concerning note where he wrote that he did not “want to be on this earth anymore.”

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“I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore,” the post read. “I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer i can last. all I’ve ever tried to do was help people. just remember I told you so.”

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The statement was quickly deleted, and the situation prompted the New York Police Department to conduct a welfare check on him, a spokesperson said at the time.

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After this, Pete made a couple of sporadic posts to the account, including one to promote his semiautobiographical film The King of Staten Island. However, his page was ultimately deactivated in May 2020.

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And so, when Pete’s account went live yesterday, fans gathered on Twitter to express their thoughts on the situation, with many hoping that he’s prioritizing his health.

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“Pete is back on Instagram and I just wish that people would be kinder to him,” someone wrote. “Social media took a toll on his mental health the last time and I think some people *cough* Kanye *cough* are just hell bent on making his life horrible again though he has done nothing wrong.”

Pete is back on Instagram and I just wish that people would be kinder to him. Social media took a toll on his mental health the last time and I think some people *cough* Kanye *cough* are just hell bent on making his life horrible again though he has done nothing wrong.

12:45 PM – 17 Feb 2022

Twitter: @swiftbacklash

“I hope Pete getting back instagram doesn’t fuck up his mental health again,” agreed another.

Twitter: @lanitsunami333

Someone else questioned Pete’s timing and suggested that he might be wise to limit comments on his posts.

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“Pete Davidson is literally so crazy for choosing RIGHT NOW to rejoin Instagram. I hope he leaves the comments off,” they wrote.

Pete Davidson is literally so crazy for choosing RIGHT NOW to rejoin Instagram. I hope he leaves the comments off.

ANYWAYS *hits follow button so fast thumbs dislocates*

01:25 PM – 17 Feb 2022

Twitter: @clevergirl666

Others began speculating that he might be set to issue a statement about recent events, which would mark the first time that he or Kim have addressed Ye’s harassment of them.

why did pete davidson make an instagram??? is he gonna make a public statement or something

01:49 AM – 17 Feb 2022

Twitter: @rockstarknights

Less than 24 hours since his comeback, Pete’s account has amassed close to a million followers, many of whom will be eagerly awaiting his first post, whenever that may be.

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