Melissa McCarthy Is A Total Delight In “Nine Perfect Strangers,” And People Are Loving It

“Frances is my spirit animal.”

Although our stay at TRANQUILLUM is brief, it’s enough time for Melissa McCarthy to pack in a powerhouse performance that has viewers of the show bowing at her feet.

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She plays Frances Welty, a struggling writer with some big skeletons in her closet (along with a lot of fabulous outfits).

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She’s taking us on a ride in this series, and fans are here for it! Here are some tweets celebrating the greatness that is Melissa McCarthy.

Frances is a whole vibe, and a lot of people relate.


Thank you to @melissamccarthy for inspiring me to pick up some Tito’s for tonight after watching #NinePerfectStrangers! 😂

Seriously, though. LOVING this show and Frances! 🙌

11:16 PM – 25 Aug 2021

Twitter: @dezschwartzart

Her wardrobe is a vibe all to itself.

She’s a stunner whichever way you slice it.

And folks are all about the burgeoning romance between Frances and one Tony Hogburn, played deliciously by Bobby Cannavale.


The way Frances hair gets curlier as she falls more in love with Tony 😭I wonder if this is symbolism done on purpose credit goes to @anjelickers for noticing this!

03:03 AM – 01 Sep 2021

Twitter: @softmccarthy

We also get a cameo from Melissa’s real-life husband, Ben Falcone, which is always a delight.


For anyone curious if they wondered how Ben Falcone is so okay with Melissa McCarthys chemistry with Bobby Cannavale and them playing love interests twice…lol I think they’re just fine 🥰🤣#NinePerfectStrangers

07:35 AM – 29 Aug 2021

Twitter: @softmccarthy

She totally understands the assignment, and gods willing, she gets some serious accolades for her work.

Check out Melissa and the gang in Nine Perfect Strangers, released Wednesdays on Hulu. Do you love Frances, too? Let us know in the comments!

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