Men, Stop Being Creeps On LinkedIn — Sincerely, A Man

Posted 16 minutes ago

When DMs are involved, there is always some foolishness happening.

I shouldn’t even have to say this, but LinkedIn is, in fact, not a dating site. Despite it literally being for professional networking, men are still doing the most and using the site as a way to slide into women’s DMs unannounced and saying the weirdest/most inappropriate stuff, as per usual.

So without further ado, fellow men, don’t be like one of these 19 guys:


Leave her alone.

Just a reminder that people like me are regularly ignoring and blocking unsolicited DMs like this on every platform.

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Basically my entire blocked list on LinkedIn is men.

06:27 AM – 13 Mar 2021

Twitter: @impostorphyllis

“Hard to believe you’re lonely, too pretty for that.”


If you know it’s not a dating app, then what the hell are you doing?

Damn how am I gonna tell my bf I have to leave him for this rando who definitely 100% understands LinkedIn is not a dating app

06:24 PM – 25 Nov 2020

Twitter: @RagingDork


Listen to Stephanie here, it’s not appropriate.

Listen, I’m just trying to find a job and see skills on how to update my resume….

04:24 PM – 24 Oct 2019

Twitter: @stefgraser


There really is no end goal.

Ok seriously. What is the end goal in this??? Second time a man sent me a LinkedIn message saying they found me through Tinder. I’m not hard to find so that’s not even my concern. But does this EVER work for them?? Do people really have no shame being this creepy??

09:02 PM – 12 Oct 2021

Twitter: @normabuster

In conclusion, if there’s anything worth doing on the site, it’s endorsing someone’s skills and then leaving them the hell alone.

Ladies, we are no longer accepted men just “sliding into the ‘DM’s’”. This stranger just endorsed me for 11 skills (most that I am not good at) on LinkedIn. That is the correct way to shoot your shot.

07:50 PM – 05 Oct 2018

Twitter: @JarvJarvBink

And we both know this kind of behavior isn’t limited to just LinkedIn, so just don’t be weird/creepy/inappropriate in general. It’s really not that hard.

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