Millennials Are Sharing The Stereotypical Old People Tendencies Theyve Developed, And Its Hilarious

“I don’t know ANY of these new rappers. Da Baby, Lil Baby, Baby Shark…they’re all the same.”

As I’ve gotten older, I transitioned from judging my mom’s love for HGTV and constant naps to obsessing over décor and sleep. So, when Twitter user @DontAskMeBitch2 (LOL) asked people over 25 years old to share the auntie/uncle/old people habits they’ve started developing as we push closer to our parents’ ages, I was thrilled to see I wasn’t alone.

Hey 25+ Twitter. What ‘auntie/uncle tendencies’ do you have now that you’re old? 🤔

01:12 PM – 23 Aug 2021

Twitter: @DontAskMeBitch2 / Via Twitter: @DontAskMeBitch2

Here are some of the most relatable replies:


@DontAskMeBitch2 “Where are their parents?” And keeping my eyes on children when their parents/guardians are obviously pre-occupied in public places just in case I need to get involved or save them.

03:06 PM – 26 Aug 2021

Twitter: @_TeeNicholle / Via Twitter: @_TeeNicholle


@DontAskMeBitch2 If you don’t tell me 2 to 3 business days ahead of time that you want to hang out I’m not coming. I don’t do day of hanging out

09:23 AM – 25 Aug 2021

Twitter: @_allinmyworld / Via Twitter: @_allinmyworld


@DontAskMeBitch2 Watching HGTV for interior design inspiration because now my focus has shifted to having a nice, yet comfortable living space vs. the flyest clothes and handbags.

03:19 PM – 25 Aug 2021

Twitter: @SlumBeautifuI / Via Twitter: @SlumBeautifuI


@DontAskMeBitch2 Peeking out the window to be nosy when a car I don’t recognize drives down the street, and keep watching until I know all is good

11:52 PM – 26 Aug 2021

Twitter: @ohcreate / Via Twitter: @ohcreates

Now I’ve got to know — what auntie/uncle tendencies have you picked up as you’ve gotten older? Let us know in the comments!

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