Monica Lewinsky Has Been Making The Same Great Joke About Her Past For Years And Years, And I Thought We Should Celebrate That

Monica Lewinsky is legitimately one of the best people on Twitter.

In case you didn’t know, Monica Lewinsky is very, very good on Twitter. Like, Twitter can be an awful cesspool, but Monica is a legit beam of light there. She’s consistently charming, real, and cool. She’s also hilarious.

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And because American Crime Story: Impeachment just started, Monica has been back in the news again.

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So, I thought it would be a great time to revisit her great sense of humor toward her *situation*…

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Like her response to the worst career advice she’d ever received:

Or that time she responded to this weird Mike Pence quote about spending time on your knees:

She’s always joking about people noticing her:

“What’s your name?”


“Like Monica from Friends?”

“Yes. Yes exactly.”

02:37 AM – 29 Mar 2019

Like that time someone read her name on a credit card:

when the guy behind the counter says your full order name (from credit card) and then looks up to hand you your coffee. 😂😘

03:00 PM – 12 Jun 2021

Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

And that time she responded with a simple “if. fucking. only.”

That time she acknowledged her witness testimony:

gee, too bad i had to give that videoed witness testimony for the senate trial in the clinton impeachment. (i mean, talk about unflattering lighting and having a bad hair day.)

12:43 PM – 31 Jan 2020

Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

It’s clear she’s moved way beyond that time and has a good sense of humor about it:

just realized i am more scared of our government now than i was in 1998.
and that’s saying a lot.

03:03 PM – 21 Sep 2020

Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

And she’s used the situation as a learning experience.

a gentle reminder for ways other than using my name re 1998. let’s not frame it by the woman + youngest, least powerful person involved:

The Starr Investigation
The 1998 Impeachment
The Scandal of 1998
The Clinton Impeachment
That Crazy, Fucked Up 1998

10:26 AM – 26 Jan 2020

Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

The event may have followed her for the past 20 years:

dear world:
please don’t invite me to an event (esp one about social change) and –then after i’ve accepted– uninvite me because bill clinton then decided to attend/was invited.
it’s 2018.
emily post would def not approve.

06:07 PM – 09 May 2018

Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

But now she finally has her voice back:

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