Nutri-Grain Is Better Than Every Single Cereal On The Market, Change My Mind

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The versatility is truly unparalleled.

Hello and welcome — let’s cut right to the chase. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, I’ll have convinced you that Nutri-Grain is the best cereal in Australia. Maybe even the world.

For the non-Aussies/Kiwis, you’re truly missing out.

Goes to fancy hotel breakfast, has bowl of Nutrigrain… #ilovecereal

11:12 PM – 06 May 2017

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Nutri-Grain, which was sold to us as kids as “Iron Man Food”, is a sweet and crunchy breakfast cereal. I just found out that the flavour is supposed to be malt, but IDK about that. Whatever it is, it’s delish.

Here in Australia, we do have a pretty solid selection of home-grown cereals.

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Weet-Bix and Just Right are two Australian icons that deserve silver and bronze medals in the cereal stakes, respectively. 

And there are definitely some excellent international contenders that we shouldn’t overlook.

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You can’t go past Corn Flakes and Rice Bubbles as pantry staples. But if we’re being honest, both of them are only really good when they’re covered in fruit or sugar. Or Milo.

But Nutri-Grain? Absolute perfection. No other cereal comes close in terms of taste, nutrition and all-around satisfaction.

And can we take a minute to bask in the glory that is Nutri-Grain bars?!

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Absolute perfection right here. Just Right could NEVER. 

I even came across this recipe for something called “nuts and bolts”, which apparently a lot of Aussies had growing up.

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It’s basically just Nutri-Grain and peanuts, mixed with spices and curry powder.

Also, as a side bar, I saw this Reddit comment that kinda blew my mind and I just have to share.

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I’ve been mixing up Milo with a shot of espresso and adding that to my Nutri-Grain. You gotta make sure you mix the milk in with the coffee first though, or it turns the cereal soggy. Works pretty good with Weet-Bix too.”


What a tastemaker. Def have to try that. 

Anyyyyyyways, NG is so good that it’s kinda bonkers that it’s (mostly) an Australian-only cereal.

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If I had my way, this cereal wouldn’t just be available worldwide — I’d send some up to the Space Station so that we could share it with aliens.  

Plus it’s healthy, right?

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Right???? Or did I just get brainwashed growing up, seeing ads calling it Iron Man food? I mean, the box says it’s full of protein, which can’t be a bad thing. 

Whatever, I’m fully craving a bowl of it right now.

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