People Are Giving Karun In “Eternals” Tons Of Praise On Twitter For Being The Funniest And Most Wholesome MCU Character, And I Wholeheartedly Agree With All Of This

Kingo: “Druig sucks.” Karun: “He does, sir.”

Marvel’s Eternals is officially out, and if you saw it this weekend, you may have been a huge fan of the cast and characters. But many people, myself included, are very much so obsessed with Karun.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Played by Harish Patel, Karun is the valet to Kingo, one of the Eternals who has become famous in Bollywood. He’s with Kingo at all times, filmed the Eternals’ adventures, and quite honestly, is one of the most hilarious and wholesome characters in the movie.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Here’s just some of the love people on Twitter are giving Karun — and his camera skills — that prove he’s 100% the best:

Mild spoilers ahead!


This Desi Duo really won my heart over, they were the cutest and the funniest throughout the movie 🥺

Also the fact that one of our own legendary Bollywood actor, Harish Patel starring in a Marvel blockbuster makes me so fkn proud! Can’t wait to see Karun uncle in #Eternals 2🥰

03:55 PM – 07 Nov 2021

Twitter: @shrutiraoart


Seeing alot of ppl only appreciate him cause of his comedic effect but in all honesty his character serves as the grounded audience in a group of gods and I think thats neat. Plus he has some banger lines that hit the spot yknow. Much love for Karun.

05:43 AM – 07 Nov 2021

Twitter: @BrianScottLang


#Eternals spoiler!!

karun and kingo’s friendship is everything like the fact that karun followed kingo in the search for the other externals and was there for him through everything just speaks so much volume on how much he cares about him

10:33 PM – 05 Nov 2021

Twitter: @hteodinson


If you don’t consider #HarishPatel’s Karun as one of the best characters in #Eternals, then something is wrong with you. Karun represents the very best in humanity. Humble. Honest. Loyal. Hardworking. Kingo’s voice of reason.

Genuine performance and character. #FilmTwitter

01:34 PM – 07 Nov 2021

Twitter: @msbreviews