Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic


Smart content

With attention spans becoming ever shorter, your website needs to constantly innovate. Try experimenting with your content – mix short blogs with long pieces, along with video-based content and graphics. Variety in content also increases information retention which shapes customer loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
With most data traffic still being routed through search engines, optimizing content is far from being out of fashion. Using Webmaster Tools can increase your SEO ranking. By removing duplicate titles and descriptions, bad links, crawl errors, and much more, you can build a more SEO friendly website.


The simplest way to increase traffic, period. Advertising smartly will save you a ton of money while also maximizing your visibility to potential customers. These days, advertising on social media is a huge hit. Focus on increasing conversions rather than just traffic, for the best results.

Guest interviews and blogs

Inviting high-ranking people to blog on your site is a sure-shot way to increase your credibility. In addition, your guest is likely to link people to their own article, which is basically free press for your website.

Smart linking
Whenever possible, add links to internal content in your webpage. More than just clickbait, this makes the user experience more enriching while increasing traffic for you across all pages. Linking also helps by making your pages SEO friendly.

Marketing through email

Relentless spamming has given email marketing a bad name. However, in the rush to get noticed online, many people tend to overlook its benefits. A simple email regarding a new product launch or exciting offers can convince many people to check it out themselves. Just take care not to flood the inbox.

Responsive website.
For a few years now, web searches on mobile devices have exceeded those on computers. For your website to have a wider reach, it should be optimized for both computers and mobile devices, including those with smaller screens. Mobile-friendly pages offer a much better user experience and thus increase your customers.

Slick and fast pages
Without a fast website to house it, your quality content will very often go unnoticed. Make sure to optimize your content for all browsers and take extra care of image sizes and plugins. For the best experience, your website should load under 5 seconds on most devices.

Social media presence
Advertising and promotion should not be the end of your social media strategy. Comment on other people’s articles, follow your followers back, host webinars – building an active social media presence acts as a subtle promotion.

Analytics data
When Clive Humby said more than ten years ago that Data is the new oil, he wasn’t joking. Today Google Analytics can give you a huge amount of insight into your readers and your content. Make use of BuzzSumo and related software to keep an eye on what your competition is doing. Try and bring the most popular content to your site.


Source by Diksha Vohra