“Red (Taylors Version)” Is Here, And The Jokes Are Almost As Immaculate As The Album

Bad time to be Jake Gyllenhaal, tbh.

FELLOW SWIFTIES, THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! Red (Taylor’s Version) is here!!

Taylor Swift has graced us with yet another excellent re-recorded album, a bunch of incredible vault tracks, AND the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” Here are 26 of the very best memes about them:


Taylor Swift normalizing never moving on from anyone anything any situation any made up scenario any dream any argument any moment yeah I understand her completely actually

05:29 AM – 12 Nov 2021

Twitter: @catluvr2008


sorry to fearless but i really think it’s hilarious how for fearless tv she was just like “here it is!” meanwhile red gets the empire state building and late night shows and a short film and so on

07:20 PM – 11 Nov 2021

Twitter: @ababygod


one thing about taylor swift is she’ll produce some of the best lyrics of the decade and then be like “oh that’s just for fun, not even going on the album”

05:38 AM – 12 Nov 2021

Twitter: @alnl


taylor went from “loving him was red” to “i once believed love would be burning red but it’s golden” and “they say all’s well that ends well but im in a new hell” to “to all’s well that ends well to end up with you” joe alwyn i love you❤️‍🩹

05:37 AM – 12 Nov 2021

Twitter: @champagnerush13

Gotta go, time to continue streaming Red (Taylor’s Version) on repeat until she sings it live on SNL tomorrow.