RefererX – Sleeping Will Help Increase Mass Traffic to Your Website?


Today I am going to share with you a newly developed software that helps me drive good quality traffic to my site. The creator of this robot call it RefererX, formerly known as RefererBot and he already make money online by selling products and placing AdSense ads to the traffic generated by this robot software.

What Is RefererX?

So, what is this RefererX is all about? Frankly speaking, RefererX is a software robot that helps you promoting your sites by autopilot. Cunning is it? Yes, but not so fast. This software robot will help you promoting even while you are sleeping, chatting on phone, going outside, and other activities that might prevent you from marketing your website to others

How RefererX Works?

RefererX is a software that helps you promote your URL/s by placing it into traffic/statistic log of some other websites. In this log your URL will be seen in the referrer section, the section where it shows from where certain traffic came from.

Depending on where this log is located on that website, the people who will be seeing your URL can either be the website owner or the visitors of that website itself. For instance, AwStats log is located on the back end of a website and therefore the viewer will only be the web owner. On the other hand Feedjit live traffic feed is placed on the main page of a website. Therefore your URL will also be visible to the visitors.

How Many Traffic Can RefererX Generates?

It all depends on the log that you are promoting your URL into. For instance older log such as Webalizer, AwStats etc will not attracts much attention as compares to newer log such as Feedjit live traffic feed, Wowzio activity feed, Google Analytic etc. But older log is proven to drive quality techie traffic, even though the number might not be that big. Therefore having list of targeted websites base on the type of log they use, is a good strategy.

For your information, there are 2 different types of log in the market:

First, log that make its report base on server access. This normally used by older type of log such as AwStats, Webalizer, TraceWatch, Cpanel stats etc.

Second, log that make its report base on JavaScript. This is the newer type of log that is mainly applied by most well know log provider, such as Feedjit, Wowzio, histats, WordPress stats, Google Analytics etc.

How fast can we see the results?

It all depends on the timing. In most cases having your URL top listed on the log of a website from Singapore, at around 6PM – 11PM local time, (GMT+8) will get higher chances of it been seen, as compare to 1AM-7AM of the day. This is because most people are online during that hour. Therefore having targeted websites base on countries/timezone will be a great help. You can start seeing the traffic coming in as early as after 30 minutes of use.

So now, if everything went on smoothly, you can expect the return traffic as high as 0.3%-5% of the total visited websites. This number can grow even more if the visited website is highly targeted.


Source by Anwar Yassin