Steve From “Blues Clues” Just Broke The Internet After A Nearly 20 Year Hiatus, And Here Are The Best Tweets

Now we need a video with Blue!

As if 2021 weren’t enough of an emotional rollercoaster, Steve from Blues Clues decided to resurface in a heartwarming video this week nearly TWENTY YEARS after leaving us “to go to college.”

Twitter: @nickjr

Needless to say, millennials all over the world didn’t know what to do with themselves. Here are the 18 best tweets about Steve’s reappearance:


Steve from Blues Clues: “Remember how we used to search for clues together with our handy dandy notebook?”

Me, knowing damn well I was almost an adult when that show started airing: “Yes. Yes I do, Steven.”

02:54 AM – 08 Sep 2021

Twitter: @BoozyBadger

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