The 19 Best Reactions To Hulus “The Dropout” So Far

Hulu’s The Dropout is an 8-part miniseries that traces the birth, rise, and fall of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes who was convicted in January 2022 of four counts of defrauding investors.

The series is based on an ABC Audio podcast of the same name and was actually supposed to star Kate McKinnon in the lead role. We know now that Amanda Seyfried ended up with the role.

Let’s take a look what views are viewers expressing:


The whole story really is a goldmine given the plethora of documentaries, movies, and TV series that have been made or being made.

Twitter: @mwilks88


Amanda Seyfried has really arrived in the arena of serious roles.

Wow. Only just watched the first couple of minutes of The Dropout on @Hulu but @AmandaSeyfried really nails that role (comparing to documentaries). Can’t wait to watch the first episodes when I get home.

09:11 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @sjespers


The Dropout apparently does good work showing the transition from a dreamer to a day-dreamer.

the dropout on hulu is so good. u can rly see how elizabeth holmes went from@bright eyed girl who wanted to change the world to a literal cartoon villain. highly recommend

09:59 AM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @rahanfromtehran


Elizabeth Holmes’ obsession with imitating Steve Jobs is not lost on anyone.

The Dropout is on Hulu, that crazy white bitch really was a bootleg Steve Jobs 😂😭

03:35 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @_hibella_


Amanda Seyfried has nicely recreated Holmes’ deep voice.

I’m 5 minutes into The Dropout, and all I’ll be thinking about and impersonating for weeks is Amanda Seyfried’s Elizabeth Holmes voice.

02:04 AM – 04 Mar 2022

Twitter: @itsonlyzach


But for some, the “voice” was unbearable.

I’m less than 60 seconds into Hulu’s “The Dropout” and I already find Amanda Seyfried’s imitation of Elizabeth Holmes’s deep voice extremely annoying. Even more annoying than Holmes’s!

05:14 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @constans


The show nicely fleshes out what and when wrongs started happening.

Beth Dubber/Hulu / Via Twitter: @havxfvoc4


A funny take that hits home an important point.

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Like Holmes’ voice, it’s William H. Macy’s forehead that’s taking the attention away from his acting.

clapping and cheering when william h macy’s forehead shows up in the dropout like it’s an avenger

08:53 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Hulu / Via Twitter: @sonnerly


People are applauding the moment when Phyllis Gardner points out limitations of Holmes’ design and then later schools her on what it takes to be a successful scientist and businesswoman.

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I enjoy Yoda and I loved baby Yoda a lot but that quote just annoys me when people use it in real life. I am glad Gardner called it out.

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For the few moments that Laurie Metcalf has been onscreen, she has been forceful.

laurie metcalf walked onto the set of the dropout and said that she’s here to collect another emmy.

06:45 AM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @itsmonteprice


An important feature of The Dropout is that it keeps things grounded and closer to real life.

i didn’t review the dropout but the hulu series does everything right that inventing anna does wrong: it centers elizabeth holmes, doesn’t attempt to girl boss-ify her, and allows her weird voice to be part of the story, rather than a distraction

02:58 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @c_spellberg


In case anyone feels that a lot of it is made up (like Inventing Anna did), please be reminded: it’s not.

started the dropout and they should put a pop up in this show that’s like “yeah, she was really like this, elizabeth holmes really acted like this”

12:23 AM – 04 Mar 2022

Twitter: @theeashleyray


I think it’s too early to say if the show’s too sympathetic or not. Only 3 episodes out of 8 have dropped yet.

Seeing more than a few people say THE DROPOUT is too sympathetic to Elizabeth Holmes, which I find very confusing, because I think the show does a good job establishing she’s *probably* a sociopath

06:49 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Twitter: @cevangelista413

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