The Best (And Most Bizarre) Theories About Who The Third Jacobs Son Could Be In “Euphoria”

Episode 4 of Euphoria‘s second season ended just as messy as it started, sparking a bunch of conspiracies about a Jacobs family photo.

If you watched S2E4 of Euphoria, you know that A LOT happened.

But the thing that everyone has been talking about is that family photo Cal Jacobs snatched off the wall before leaving home after dragging his entire family.

A photo with a THIRD Jacobs son, which is one more than the two we know: Nate and Aaron.

who is the third jacobs kid!? people said that last season in the pilot it was just a producer error but it clearly wasn’t????

12:46 PM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @honkerin / Via Twitter

This same photo was actually shown last season, but some of us didn’t catch on back then. We can’t all be detectives!

But everyone noticed now, and we all want answers!

Twitter: @rnarge / Via Twitter

I mean, with all Cal was talking about, he just left that part out?!

All I gotta say cal is if you’re going to expose the families secrets at least expose what happened TO THAT DAMN THIRD CHILD #Euphoria

09:49 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @SpookyFazo / Via Twitter

People started speculating right away, and the theories have been a mix of clever, funny, and just downright ridiculous.

Like, what is this one about Tom Holland?

#EUPHORIA THEORY: Yoooo what if the third brother in the Jacobs family photo picture is played by Tom Holland??? Like the third boy is being teased so hard rn

04:51 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @JayIsForJoker / Via Twitter

I understand Tomdaya fans want to see him in the show, and that rumors are circulating that he’s on the show because he was pictured on set, but this seems like a reach!

Twitter: @saintofthebees / Via Twitter

Look, I’m pretty sure this person is joking about Faye’s boyfriend being the third son, but someone is gonna scroll past this and take it at face value!

the third Jacobs son is obviously Faye’s boyfriend. it’s like people don’t even pay attention to the show 🙄

06:38 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @meanmotelmgr / Via Twitter

A more popular theory is that Nate killed the third child…

ok so i have a theory that the reason cal hates nate is cuz nate killed his little brother in a rage when he was younger AND THATS WHY CAL TOOK THE PICTURE OF ALL OF HIS SONS AND CALLED HIM HIS BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT. im psychic

04:21 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @gladgalririi / Via Twitter

…which would explain why Cal called Nate his “biggest disappointment” in the episode.

Twitter: @PinkertonHanna / Via Twitter

I mean, I don’t think we can rule this one out.

My theory is that Nate got angry and killed his younger brother on accident when they were kids and that’s why his dad said he was a mistake and why they never mention the other brother 😌

06:10 AM – 31 Jan 2022

Twitter: @stclairegillian / Via Twitter

Weirdly, some people seem to think that Elliot is secretly the third brother.


01:47 AM – 08 Jan 2022

Twitter: @latte_shits / Via Twitter

There are a lot of reasons that this theory makes no sense.

Somebody said Elliot is the missing child in the Jacobs family portrait like Elliot isn’t half black and half Asian

11:41 PM – 01 Feb 2022

Twitter: @Daredevilnight1 / Via Twitter

I don’t think people thought this one through.

…which also makes no sense.

how tf is ashtray the other jacobs baby. his mama gave him as collateral for fucking CRACK you think lil miss suburban marsha was doing CRACK at any point in her life???

09:58 AM – 02 Feb 2022

Twitter: @Mmickeybob / Via Twitter


thinking about the stupidest theory I’ve ever seen,, that ashtray is the third Jacobs son. he was at least 5 in that photo and somehow he was bashing in cal’s head without either of them recognizing each other?? 😭😭😭

02:01 AM – 02 Feb 2022

Twitter: @IfSamCann / Via Twitter

However, this person is pretty hellbent on this theory being right.

@kiona_carter @dopedyke55 @pcrezs But like… nate is the middle child and he’s 17 right? So the missing third child (who is younger than nate) is somewhere between 13-16 right? ASHTRAY IS 14 so hear me out… HE COULD BE THE MISSING KID ❗️❗️❗️

03:07 PM – 02 Feb 2022

Twitter: @PurpleCosmetic1 / Via Twitter

I mean, I think he has to be dead. In what world would there be a third brother who is just wandering about in the same town, but is never spoken of in this family?

In closing, I love this theory best.

my theory? it was an editing mistake from season one.they didn’t think they’d go in depth into the Jacobs family so they just put a third kid there for the hell of it and are currently trying to figure out how to explain it

04:24 PM – 02 Feb 2022

Twitter: @frenchdauphine / Via Twitter

Is the third Jacobs kid dead or alive? If he’s dead, how’d he die? If he’s alive, where/who is he?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!