The Funniest Tweets About Facebook And Instagram Being Down

At least there’s still Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, and the instant messaging service WhatsApp — all of which are owned by Facebook — suffered a worldwide outage Monday morning due to an apparent server configuration issue.

Alex Milan Tracy / Sipa USA via AP

As of 4 p.m. Eastern, the platforms remained down.

According to journalist Brian Krebs, who covers cybercrime and security, “the [Domain Name System] records that tell systems how to find or got withdrawn this morning from the global routing tables.”

Confirmed: The DNS records that tell systems how to find or got withdrawn this morning from the global routing tables. Can you imagine working at FB right now, when your email no longer works & all your internal FB-based tools fail?

05:25 PM – 04 Oct 2021

Twitter: @briankrebs

The New York Times’ Ryan Mac reported that Facebook’s internal tools and communications platforms are also down, meaning “no one can do any work.”

Not only are Facebook’s services and apps down for the public, its internal tools and communications platforms, including Workplace, are out as well. No one can do any work. Several people I’ve talked to said this is the equivalent of a “snow day” at the company.

04:51 PM – 04 Oct 2021

Twitter: @RMac18

Twitter, meanwhile, was humming along just fine Monday, so everyone — and I do mean everyone — signed on there to joke about the Facebook, Inc. outage.

Here are the best reactions we’ve seen so far:


People making jokes about the Facebook services going down make me sick. Anyone who was using an Oculus headset at the time is currently trapped in VR, and if they die there then they die in real life.

05:23 PM – 04 Oct 2021

Twitter: @GavinDYoung


Facebook being down is a good time to pause and think about how fucking crazy it is that caterpillars and other larvae just build themselves a little house, liquify themselves, and then turn into a completely different looking animal?!! Wtf you guys.

06:00 PM – 04 Oct 2021

Twitter: @sarahglidden

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