“The Lost City” Is The Funniest Movie Of 2022 And These Fan Reactions Prove It

You would be lost in this jungle of adventure and goofy comedy.

The Lost City offers a rollicking and glorious ride through forests, rivers, and mountains in the company of a clumsy hunk, and an anthropologist come romance novelist.

Kimberley French / © Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Turning on the heat (for the viewers too!) is a villainous media scion, Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), who wants to unearth some buried treasure whose location can be found only if the anthropologist deciphers some clues in a dead language.

The biggest jaw-dropping moment for me was the sudden arrival of Brad Pitt. Although the cameo had been spoiled by the trailer, his appearance on the silver screen made everyone ecstatic.

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Let’s see what viewers are saying about the movie and its stars:


Easily exceeded the expectations.

Holy sh*t, I just saw The Lost City. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t expect it to be soo good! 😎

This is definitely the best movie of March 2022! ✊🏾

05:03 AM – 26 Mar 2022

Twitter: @SnyderVerse18


A movie so good that it is an antidote against COVID-19.

BREAKING: It has been reported that The Lost City Starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt has cured all diseases simply by gracing the screen with it’s magnificent storytelling, cinematography, writing, acting, and original score. the CDC reports: “what the fuck?”

05:08 PM – 25 Mar 2022

Paramount/THA/PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo , Twitter: @FrikFan


We deserve to be by Sandra Bullock movies.

The Lost City earning over $30 million this weekend is a sign of Sandra Bullock’s enduring star power. Every studio should be letting her make whatever the hell she wants. Don’t let her waste her one movie a year on streamers where they are eventually forgotten.

06:40 PM – 26 Mar 2022

Twitter: @TheGregoryE


It’s Channing Tatum who’s playing the damsel-in-distress character.

I like that Sandra Bullock keeps getting paired with hot guys 10-20 years younger than her. It’s a nice reversal #TheLostCity

01:42 PM – 27 Mar 2022

Kimberley French / © Paramount Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection , Twitter: @ReklawMovie


Channing Tatum is infallible when it comes to comedy movies.

Happy to report that I loved The Lost City. Channing Tatum is the himbo king this country needs right now but every line delivery by Patti Harrison is solid gold, she steals the show. Movies are fun!

11:27 PM – 26 Mar 2022

Twitter: @SuperYakiShop


See what I mean?

In the film The Lost City, Sandra Bullock explains something to Channing Tatum’s character. He says she’s mansplaining.
SB: I cannot mansplain, I’m a woman.
CT: Well, I’m a feminist and I think a woman can do anything a man can.

10:50 PM – 23 Mar 2022

Twitter: @LottieHistory


The movie has produced an intense desire to fulfil fantasies and fetishes in some viewers.

Watching THE LOST CITY made me feel like I should be on the bubbly with me gals, moaning about my husband, laughing loud and heckling Channing to rip his shirt off like it was Magic Mike 3

08:43 PM – 29 Mar 2022

Twitter: @thejasvalentine


Sadly his appearance was spoiled by the trailers.

Brad Pitt is so sexy and hot with his long golden hair in The Lost City. The moment he appears is 🔥🔥🔥

05:30 PM – 27 Mar 2022

Twitter: @lipton123


Brad Pitt seems to be the MVP of the movie.

Forgot to mention this, but The Lost City was entertaining. Brad Pitt steals the movie imo. Some decent chemistry with Bullock and Tatum. My wife really liked it, so a fun time. Thumbs up.

07:07 PM – 29 Mar 2022

Twitter: @FormerlyCBM


Daniel Radcliffe has mastered the art of playing a rich man who coerces others to steal something for him (remember Now You See Me 2?).

I love daniel radcliffe in the lost city the man knows he’s set for life w his p*tter money so he truly does take projects where he just gets to be a weird lil gremlin and have fun. good for him!!

09:41 PM – 26 Mar 2022

Twitter: @Iouisavontrapp


Even gents are finding him hot.

Can we talk about how hot Daniel Radcliffe is in The Lost City, cause I think this is a conversation we should be having?

02:26 PM – 27 Mar 2022

Paramount Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection , Twitter: @TMROJ


Tatum has raised the himbo benchmark to the skies.

I understand there’s a lot of discourse today, but I don’t feel like enough people are talking about Channing Tatum setting the standard for all futures himbos in The Lost City.

06:53 PM – 28 Mar 2022

Paramount Pictures, / Via Twitter: @amytintera


A breakup of all the strong points of the movie.

Elements that make The Lost City fun:
1. Brad Pitt’s stunts
2. Channing Tatum’s humor
3. Oscar Nuñez & a goat named Randy
4. Da’Vine Joy Randolph being a badass
5. Radcliffe as a baddie
6. Plenty of LOL moments

01:14 AM – 29 Mar 2022

Paramount Pictures, Twitter: @kyle_a_hickman


Or is it Channing Tatum’s ass that’s the MVP?

Highly recommend The Lost City. It has comedy, action, romance, Channing Tatum’s ass. Literally what more could you want from a movie?

03:35 PM – 29 Mar 2022

Twitter: @JJohnsonBlalock


Some were reminded of Romancing the Stone.

Watched The Lost City… yes it was kind of Romancing the Stone over again… but pretty fun.

Also… it’s almost 30 years since Sandra Bullock’s Demolition Man ass and now I has the sads.

11:45 PM – 27 Mar 2022

Twitter: @TheUnVerBastard


This happened while people were waiting to watch The Lost City

I’m at the AMC cinema waiting for Lost City. The projector is broken, they’ve been working to fix it for 30 minutes. A woman in the audience has decided to get up, go to the front and try out her stand up comedy on us. It’s not good. I just… 🤦‍♀️

02:36 AM – 23 Mar 2022

Twitter: @katruthwood


#TheLostCity was hilarious, just a good fun comedy. It’s almost like they took Tatum’s 21 Jump Street character and Bullock’s The Proposal character and put them in Romancing The Stone.

04:47 PM – 26 Mar 2022

Paramount Pictures, Twitter: @SkylerShuler