These Fan Reactions To “The Afterparty” Finale Prove That The Reveal Was Worth Waiting For

The Afterparty, a humorous whodunit from Apple TV+, finished its 8-episode long run recently. The story spans over a few hours of sleuthing that is being conducted to find out who yeeted the host of an afterparty after a high school reunion.

There’s a smorgasbord of characters who tell their own version of the night, but their stories are told in the manner of different movie genres. The frolicking finale tied many loose ends and threw up a twist that left many viewers stunned.

Let’s a take a look at how the viewers reacted to the last episode and its big reveal.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead! 


To start, viewers had so many theories and questions for the much-anticipated finale.

#TheAfterparty finale is TONIGHT!

Is Yasper the killer? Can Chelsea have closure? Where is Jennifer 2? What did Maggie see? Is there more to Indigo? Do Aniq and Zoë start dating? Is Danner right? Will Walt be recognized? Does Ned pull off the perfect prank?!

Any final theories?

02:37 PM – 03 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @Thisisntflying


The finale, like the show, was an absolute romp. (Good thing that it has been renewed!)

#TheAfterparty was great from start to finish. The finale felt satisfying on every level and I’m excited there will be a season two. Apple+ has really stepped up their game.

02:46 AM – 04 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @freemisterclark


The finale did a good job of corelating all the clues and tying all loose ends.

Really enjoyed #TheAfterparty finale! It’s hard to pull off a satisfying reveal as an entire episode but I thought it was a blast. So glad it’s coming back for a second season!

03:10 AM – 04 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @jmdornbush


The twist was quite shocking — but quite understandable as well. It was nice for Officer Danner to see through that story.

Just watched the finale of The Afterparty and y’all aren’t ready. Some incredible performances and what a twist! 😱😱


02:13 AM – 26 Feb 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @MamasGeeky


The show had been noted for showing every episode in the manner of a particular genre of films. One episode was teen drama, one was action, one was psychological thriller and so on.

the cinematography was the best part of the series how they covered so many genres while still being rooted as a comedy was 🔥 can’t wait to see how it all concludes in the finale 😂

01:05 AM – 04 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @HisNameIsD


Although Xavier wasn’t a bad person, he apparently had given enough people more than enough reasons to kill.

The Afterparty spoilers

Look, I’m not saying Xavier deserved that fate but he certainly didn’t help himself for all the things he did back then and the same night.


01:58 AM – 11 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @ledatoons13


And poor Yasper! Who knew that jovial face was hiding lots of pain and jealousy underneath.

He deserved to have his stardom… But in my heart, he will always be our big star, a superstar! 💚

#Theafterparty #theafterpartyseries

11:17 PM – 10 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @carreysstar


Some people are not just yet ready to see Yasper as a criminal.

The Afterparty spoilers

I am a Yasper apologist, I shall defend him and be president of the fan club.


07:00 AM – 11 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @ledatoons13


Many agree that Sam Richardson was the heart of the show. (And I’m glad that he got exonerated in the finale!)

Really loved #TheAfterparty. Sam Richardson should be the biggest star in the world but we are lucky we get to see him all the same.

01:54 AM – 05 Mar 2022

Twitter: @TVMcGee


And Jamie Demetriou got some recognition for his portrayal of Walt in the show as well.

I watched the finale of #TheAfterparty and a few weeks ago I said BEN SCHWARTZ needs to get an #Emmy and I still stand by it

However, I’d be lying if I don’t say, Jamie Demetriou as the invisible Walt would also be worthy to stand next to him

I might consider accepting a tie 😲

04:46 AM – 06 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @ByClaytonDavis


Chelsea comes off as a very humane and likeable person at the end; especially for Walt.

#TheAfterparty is one of the best new shows of 2022 and the finale absolutely sticks the landing. with all 8 episodes out now, please go out of your way to watch this incredible series!

03:56 PM – 04 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @KyloCool630


Tiffany Haddish took the show to another level. Her presence made something banal as questioning suspects jocose.

A problem I often have with murder mysteries is I couldn’t care less about the detective, but that’s not the case with #TheAfterparty. Can’t wait to see Tiffany Haddish solve a new murder in season 2. (Hopefully, she’ll call up Sam Richardson as they tease, too.)

12:11 AM – 05 Mar 2022

Twitter: @michaelcollado


Her line deliveries made even normal dialogues funny.

The way Tiffany Haddish says “No, no, we didn’t get off on no feet” to Sam Richardson in #TheAfterparty is one of the best line deliveries of the year.

11:12 AM – 06 Mar 2022

Twitter: @joshuagynther


Maggie certainly made the finale more fun to watch.

@Lassotrash Although, I must say, Maggie’s account of the evening was just a lot of fun.
The way they depicted what was going on at #TheAfterParty through the eyes of a child using the occasional puppet was brilliant.

11:43 PM – 04 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @ClarqueAllen


Here’s someone who had figured out who the killer was. How many of you had figured it out?

Well, I finished #TheAfterParty and, while I figured out who the killer was, I enjoyed it immensely. It was so tightly written; I loved each of the hilarious, surprisingly complex characters and how the various puzzle pieces came together. Can’t wait to see season 2.

05:05 PM – 10 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @GroundhogJay_


I think this color/wardrobe idea is great theory. Do others too feel the same — or is this reading too much?

The Afterparty spoilers

OMG @TinyTurtl35 made a great observation and it’s the colors!! Yasper wearing green for envy. Xavier wearing purple, the color associated with wealth and so on!! God I love this show!


08:48 PM – 11 Mar 2022

Twitter: @ledatoons13


The finale also signalled that this was the last time you would be hearing this melody. 🙁

I’ve had the theme music from The Afterparty stuck in my head for FOUR DAYS now, so it’s only fair that you do too. #TheAfterparty

12:03 AM – 08 Mar 2022

Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @FilmFan1971