This Article Is Dedicated To Kristen Stewart — Specifically, Her Performance In “Spencer”

From Forks, Washington to Norfolk, England.

Ever since it was announced that Kristen Stewart would be playing Princess Diana in an upcoming film, I have been waiting with bated breath to see her performance on the big screen!

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Sure, you know her from Twilight and Happiest Season and Charlie’s Angels — all great films, I might add!

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But it was her work in Personal Shopper, Camp X-Ray, and Seberg that cemented my conviction in K. Stew’s ability to eat the role that is Princess Diana.

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And lemme tell ya — Kristen Stewart absolutely crushed this role. I literally left the theater both smiling and crying.

In case you missed it, Spencer is a fictionalized telling of Princess Diana spending Christmas weekend with her in-laws (AKA the Royal Family) at the Sandringham Estate.

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The fictionalized weekend takes place in 1991, when the very real Princess Diana and Prince Charles were on the brink of divorce and Princess Diana was battling anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. Her only saving grace was William and Harry. 

If you still don’t believe me, believe all these other people who agree that Kristen Stewart’s performance was nothing short of award worthy:

#Spencer is one of the most haunting, draining & overall best movies of the year with striking cinematography & an exceptional score. Kristen Stewart disappears as Princess Diana delivering the most complex, layered & best performance of her career. She’s winning that Oscar

08:43 PM – 05 Nov 2021

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#Spencer is easily up there as one of my favorite movies of the year. Kristen Stewart will probably take home an Oscar as she carries the emotional weight of this film within her performance. Incredibly well crafted by Pablo Larraín.

12:30 AM – 07 Nov 2021

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Now that I’ve had time to process it, I have a lot of thoughts on Spencer.

Kristen Stewart is phenomenal. The film itself and the story is stunning. I laughed, cried and clapped.

Also, this movie proves that K Stew looks great in EVERY color, including pale yellow.

09:21 PM – 06 Nov 2021

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Spencer is a striking film that separates itself from every other depiction of Princess Diana because it makes her so relatable. When I was watching it I kept thinking, wow, I’ve felt like this too. I hope Kristen Stewart and Pablo Larraín work together again. See Spencer pls!

06:02 PM – 05 Nov 2021

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Went to bed thinking about Spencer, woke up thinking about Spencer. I can’t stop thinking about Spencer.
I AM MESMERIZED! Kristen Stewart, Pablo Larraín, Jonny Greenwood, Claire Mathon and Jacqueline Durran ALL deserve awards! #Spencer #KristenStewart

04:31 PM – 07 Nov 2021

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