Tips to Attracting Visitors and Increasing Website Traffic


There are numerous ways to increase your website traffic and attract new visitors to your website. It is important that you understand that this is not an overnight success story and will require you spend numerous hours of work and dedication to push your business forward and reach that first page of search results in order to achieve the goal you are looking to achieve.

So where do you start? The first place to start is to carry out a speed test of your website. The speed of your site and the time it takes pages to load is essential to ensure your potential clients have the best user experience and also to help you improve your ranking. Many people don’t realise how much search engine optimization has changed over the years and the speed in which your site pages take to pen play an important role in your SEO success.

The top SEO companies will also tell you never ignore pay per click (PPC) advertising. You may think its a money making racket and why should you pay for advertising when you can go onto social media and type your status and share with clients for free. PPC advertising is an affordable marketing method for online, you only pay when a client clicks on the link provided to find out more, this means that they are real customers wanting to find out more so that they can buy or order your services.

Ensure any SEO carried out by top SEO companies on your behalf only offer white hat and ethical search engine optimization techniques. You want to be seen in a positive light and therefore you can’t afford negativity. They should use techniques which are above board and effective to push you forward and help you achieve your goals.

Links have become one of the best ways to attract visitors to your website and any of the top SEO companies will agree. It is essential that you only take advantage of manual link building services and never automatic links. While automatic links appear the easiest solution, they can result in you being penalised by the top search engines. Rather ensure the top SEO company you choose to employ does all the link biding themselves in house to achieve the best end result.

Everyone these days has a social media account. Social media has become the most visited sites on the internet from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn to Instagram, Pinterest and so many more. You have thousands of potential clients just visiting these social media sites daily which is why its essential that all companies embrace this and open an account with each site, to ensure that they reach their entire audience in the long run.

“Content is king,” a phrase used by all in the SEO industry. You want to always ensure that all the content that you publish online is of the finest quality. It should be relevant to your industry, it should be written to the highest of quality providing interesting and valuable information that potential clients want to know about and that will make them want to know more about your company. This should be whether they re visiting your website, reading your blog or reading an article you published online.

Finally, you can consider email marketing to ensure your company name is seen and remembered in a positive light. Email marketing can ensure that clients are aware of your website and have the address on hand to visit as and when they want to.


Source by Anoop K Krishnan