We Finally Have Confirmation About An Infamous “Crotch Itch” In A Britney Spears Music Video That Has Haunted Fans For Years

There are many unsolved mysteries in the Britney Spears fandom.

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Like, what happened to the original “Make Me” video that leaked a few years ago?

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Does the full version of her most-wanted unreleased song “Rebellion” exist?

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And what the hell was the deal with the “Radar” horse? Like, what were they trying to accomplish here?!

But now we know the story behind an infamous “itch” in a music video.

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You know that super cute video on the beach in Malibu?

For those in the know, there’s a part in the “Sometimes” video that was *a thing* back in the day.

It involved a crotch itch.

Like, there are gifs highlighting the moment it’s so infamous.

I remember it being a big thing on TRL back in the day too.

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And there’s even a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Well, with the advent of TikTok we finally have confirmation on what *really* was happening there.

Britney’s former dancer Tania Baron who was said “crotch scratcher” made a TikTok about it:

Either way, we love her anyway. A true legend in the Britney Spears community <3

i hope the girl scratching her crotch in britney spears’ “sometimes” video is doing okay https://t.co/PcmJRSaT6M

12:43 AM – 01 Apr 2021

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